Why Should You Invest in a Salt-free Water Softening System for your Household?

If you are experiencing hard water issues you probably have hard water in your area. Adding a water softener can eliminate all such water issues like clogging pipes, damaging appliances, whitish films on utensils, spots on tiles and faded clothing. Oh, wait! Also, hair and skin problems will be solved. Water is considered hard when calcium and magnesium are present in high amount. So from past years salt-based water softeners were in trend even today they are preferred but there are few downsides like:

  • Adding salt: Around 5olbs of salt is required to operate salt based systems.
  • Water wastage: Salts in water softeners have to be backwashed to remove minerals that have been accumulated in resin beds.
  • Drainage system closeby: After backwash water containing minerals has to be drained off. If there is no proper drainage system it is quite challenging to install a water softener.
  • Electricity Required: Power is needed for operating systems that is an additional cost for the home.

Also, some of the best water softener systems mentioned here are tried and tested so that you get the best according to the water conditions.

Why Salt-Free Water Softener System?

A salt-free water system is a green alternative that is good for you as well as the environment. The technology naturally conditions the water and prevents scaling without the use of chemicals or backflushing. That leads to saving on utility and electricity bills. Also, water wastage is nil so no salts have to be discharged hence we can call it an eco-friendly product.

Salt-free water softeners are today’s choice and many organizations have switched to these for saving the planet. These are tried and tested so there are no issues before and after installation. They work on Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) that transforms minerals in nanoparticles that are harmless.

Advantages of Salt-Free Water Softener Systems:

  • No Space Issues: generally salt-based water systems are bulky. These are small and can be fitted even in compact spaces. They can be fitted in outdoors or indoors as per your convenience.
  • Eco-friendly: We have understood the importance of Mother Nature as it does not work on electricity nor any water wastage is there it is a good option.
  • Monitor Sodium Intake: It works on TAC that does not require sodium for minerals removal so people advised to take low sodium diets can go with these freely.
  • Eliminate Chemicals: No chemicals and no salts so living healthy is easy now with salt-free systems.
  • Minerals in Water: We all know minerals are also important for our body so if you wish to retain a minimal amount of minerals that are beneficial for our body pick these systems.
  • Save Money: As we know other systems require electricity, salt or any type of chemicals for the process also more water. Everything cost you money. The salt-free system uses less salt no electricity and less water wastage so save your energy and water bill.
  • Save Appliances: Fewer repairs. Hard water damages appliances and demands constant repairs that are costly when it is about large appliances. This technology extends appliances life and keeps them safe from water damages.


Hope you learned the benefits and know the difference between salt based and salt-free systems. Additionally, you know now why salt-free water softeners are trending and why they are preferred. So if you are thinking to buy a water softener pick salt-free systems. If you have any doubts write to us.

Boho Home Decor Ideas for Your Bohemian Spirit

Learn how to stimulate your home decor by incorporating eclectic furniture, vibrant colors, an array of textures and unique finds. In this article, we provide you with a few boho home decor ideas to express your bohemian spirit.

Keep reading to learn more about how to add boho flair to your home decor!

Boho Home Decor Basics

The bohemian decor is based on a culmination of life experiences that you’ve had, or that you wish to have such as places that you’d like to travel to, sentimental reminders from your home country of origin, or other items from cultures that peak your individual interests.

Using bohemian decor bring out your inner world traveler by collecting non conventional, colorful and stylish, furniture and accessories from various cultures around the world.

Unconventional lifestyles lead to the accumulation of unique objects, trinkets, and artifacts from around the world. Moreover, worldly types take pleasure in incorporating their life stories into the fabric of their home decor. For those who aren’t able to travel the world to collect various unconventional objects, boho home decor brings the world its culture and all it has to offer into your home.

Consequently, in order to express your Individuality, boho pieces don’t need to match. As a matter of fact the more unusual your decor the better. Add bohemian style to your home by choosing pieces that truly represent your inner spirit.

This flowy, whisky, unique carefree decoration technique allows you to display your inner free spirit through your home decor.

Here are a few tips to add a dash of bohemian spirit to your home decor:

Use Textures:

Spice up your bohemian decor by adding a variety of textures and fabrics into your home. Choose textured fabrics like silks, cotton, linens, canvas and other textures that you love to add depth and flavor to the dimensions of your home. You can use textures on window treatments, throw pillows, rugs, furniture and other areas.

Have Fun with Colors:

The bohemian decor is one of the rare instances where you can combine a variety of colors and not risk a fashion faux pas. Color is the lifeblood of bohemian decor. Choose earth tones and paid with vibrant colors that compliment and contrast each other in order to experience a refreshing bohemian flow from room to room in your home.

 Aromas; Set the Tone:

Many of us don’t consider aroma when thinking of home improvement and decor, however, scent plays a crucial role in contributing to the comfort level in your home. Use scents like sandalwood, jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, and sage to give your home a mysterious and relaxed bohemian vibe.

Jasmine scent for home

Sandalwood scent for home

 Window Coverings; Filter Light:

Use decorative window coverings to control the flow of natural light in and out of your home. Bohemian decor uses natural and ambient lighting in order to set the mood and tone for your home. Consider adding textured and colorful window treatments to allow for colorful light filtering as the sun makes its way through your colorful window tapestries.

Accessorize it:

Pull it All together by choose accessories from exotic locations that you’ve visited or that you want to visit in order to give your home the feeling of actually being there. Find unique, tapestries, trinkets, lamps, rugs, mosaics, mirrors, tiles, and other bohemian accessories at yard sales, flea markets, and mainstream importers like Pier 1 Imports.

Final Thoughts on Using Boho Decor:

Now that you have a better idea of how to incorporate bohemian spirit into your everyday home decor, you should feel confident when you’re venturing out to your next flea market, yard sale, or trade show in order to find breathtakingly unconventional items to compliment your new boho home decor style!

Have questions about the suggestions in this article or want to share some of your personal boho home decor experiences? Feel free to comment on the post below or share with your family and friends.